What do you get when you order catering?


When it comes to catering company costs, you already know the price of catering includes food and the number of plates you ordered. But, did you ever stop and think about what’s included (or not included) in the quote? Here are other things that are involved in a catering service that will assist you in your pricing decisions:

Food Delivery

Many catering costs are dependent on whether you would be picking up the food, or if the caterer would be delivering it. At some companies, the price includes delivery, but at others it doesn’t. If you happen to be doing business with a catering company with a separate delivery cost, you may be better off saving money by picking the order up yourself, or by having a friend do it.

Buffet Table Setup

It’s essential to have buffet tables setup before the commencement of the party. Certain foods such as meat and casserole dishes require heating during the event, so you need to ask if the catering company keeps food-heating tools. They may not have this, leaving you little choice but to purchase them yourself. Some catering companies may not even set the table up for you. If this happens, you would need to make time to prepare the table for the celebration.


If you’re hosting a more formal occasion, you may need to ask if the quote includes servers. If servers aren’t included, it may appear ideal to recruit volunteers to cut costs. Going this route is risky. There are certain procedures that servers need to follow, such as who to serve first and when to give refills on beverages. Depending on their skills, volunteer servers can make or break a party.

Asking what services are included in a catering price beforehand will leave you little to be shocked about. If the prices don’t include what you planned for, that could be a blessing in disguise. Setting some things up yourself will allow you to cut costs and add your own creative touches.

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