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Party Planning Tips

party planning

Do you or someone you know have a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or any other milestone coming up and need party planning tips?  Before you worry and panic about how to celebrate the special day, calm down and take time to help yourself with these suggestions.  Here are some party planning tips you can follow to ensure that your celebration goes well and is fun for you and your guests:

  1. Decide on a theme. What theme do you want the party to be set in?  If it’s a children’s party, some ideas you can use are Disney Princesses, Thomas the Tank Engine, zoo animals-anything that the child in question has a great liking for.  For older guests, it can include sports, makeup, or anything else the guest of honor loves.
  2. Set a date and time. Once you pick your theme, schedule a specific date and time for the party.  It’s highly recommended to set the party date at least one month prior so that the party set-up isn’t rushed.
  3. Figure out your budget. Sit down and map out the costs of the party elements to make sure you can realistically afford them.  It’s not worth it to financially hurt yourself in an attempt to impress someone.  Remember, what truly matters is the experience, not the amenities.
  4. Send the invitations. After you plan your budget, make a list of who you want to invite. Then email or give out paper invitations.
  5. Shop for party supplies. Now that you sent the invitations to potential guests, it’s time to get decorations, food, and entertainment.  Ask yourself these questions so that you can make the best choices for you:  Do you prefer to buy already-made supplies, or do you want to purchase craft items so that you can make your own?  Are you willing to cook for a large amount of people, or can you afford to hire a catering business to provide food?  Are there any bands around that you can book or are you willing to provide your own music?

The party planning tips above can be seen as a preliminary party planning checklist.  In addition to that, below is a final party planning checklist to be used a few hours before the party officially begins:

  • Guests who RSVPed
  • Hot food is well-heated, cold food and beverages are properly chilled
  • Snacks like chips and candy are set out
  • Party location is thoroughly clean
  • Band or music player is ready
  • Being well-groomed and dressed

After your party ends, make a note of these party planning tips for a future party or give them to a friend.

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