chick fil a delivery

Chick Fil a Delivery

chick fil a delivery

One of the most popular questions we get is “Does Chick Fil A Deliver?”. Chick Fil A does deliver but they will not deliver a #1 combo to your house. You have to order a large enough order for it to be profitable for them to deliver. So how large does the order have to be ? That really depends on your local Chick Fil A store. Some locations will deliver orders as small as $50 and for some they require the order to be over $200. One would think it would also depend on how far they have to drive. The best way to find out is to call your local Chick Fil A restaurant and speak to a manager.

How to order Chick Fil a Delivery?

If you are ordering chick fil a catering or a order that you are sure is large enough to be delivered then you can simply place chick fil a delivery order by clicking here.  Select Catering Delivery and enter the address , pick the store you want to order from, and choose your items and pay. It is important to note that that some restaurants do not deliver to residential areas. If you are not sure your order qualifies as a catering order or if you want to know if they will deliver to your residential area call your local store and speak to a manager!

Special Circumstances where Chick fil a Delivered small orders!

If you look online you will find that there have been few instances where chick fil a went out of their way to deliver small orders to customers under special circumstances. For example: there is one where a family was on its way home and stopped by Chick Fil A to purchase chick fil a milkshakes and icedream. Once they came home they found out that there was something wrong with their order and called the store to speak to a manager. The manager went out of his way and delivered to their house new milkshakes, icedream and coupons for free sandwiches. Read full story here.

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