Catering Tips

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Regardless of what type of party or event you are having – whether it is for clients, board members, friends, or family – catering is extremely important. One of the worst things that could happen is that you simply do not have enough food for everyone or the food you chose to serve did not fit all of your guests. Here are a few tips to help you with your catering menu:

 Start planning far in advance.

 Planning is key! Before you even begin to think about what type of food you will serve you need to consider a lot of factors. A few of these include how many people will be there, how long the event will last, how many different courses will there be, and what works for catering prices.

Make sure you have enough.

Having enough food for everyone should be one of the highest priorities. If you are serving only small appetizers and finger food on your catering menu, a good estimate would be to have 10 to 12 pieces per person. Do not forget about drinks, either. The average person may drink 3 small servings of drinks at a party so plan accordingly. Are you hosting a breakfast? Plan for about 1 cup of coffee per person to be consumed every hour.

Be aware of dietary restrictions.

This is extremely important. The absolute worst thing that could happen when you are catering is that someone became ill or has an allergic reaction from the food you served. If someone has a nut allergy, make sure chicken salad does not contain any walnuts. Also be mindful of gluten, lactose, and other intolerances when creating your catering menu. Furthermore, consider the fact that some of your guests could be vegetarians so make sure that you include some vegetarian friendly food.