open house catering

Catering Ideas for an Open House

When we think of the words “open house” there are a few different things we could mean. This could be a family or business simply opening their doors to guests to drop in and share in a special moment. Similarly it could be a family who has recently purchased a new home and they want to show it off to family, friends, and new neighbors. Likewise it can be a home which is on the market to be sold and the real estate agent wants to host an event and invite all the other agents, and buyers, to come see the home.

Making such an event memorable is very important for every reason you can conceive. Since we have learned over the year that people respond well to good food this should, of course, be a top consideration. Now then, food that is easy to eat on the go, requires little use of utensils, and doesn’t pose a threat to the eater’s clothing is paramount to success. So think of finger foods that are grease free, sauce free, and drip free. And, make sure they can be easily consumed and swallowed without having to be chased immediately with a drink.

Keeping things warm is not ideal for a true open house event so make sure you don’t have foods that require chafing dishes or warmers. There are exceptions to this, however, especially in cold weather climates where a nice warm broth may be perfect. Think of your guests, the conditions, and then prepare your menu. Make sure if you serve a broth or other warm fair that you can help the guest keep from spilling it on their self – or your facility.

Little fingers can be dangerous in a situation like this. If you have guests who are bringing children make sure to pre-plate snacks just for them. As much as we try it’s almost impossible to keep those little fingers clean and they often have not yet learn the etiquette required for such events. So even if you supplied wonderful serving utensils the chances of a child using them is slim. Cheese, crackers and fruit on small plates or serving cups are perfect for all ages and help keep your fare germ free for everyone.

Last but not least make sure clean-up is a snap. This is the perfect place to use custom printed, pre-packaged wipes. As each guest tosses their plates into the trash (which you have made easy to find) make sure there are regular and sugar free mints along with your event specific printed wipes ready to go and easy to find. Make it a memorable moment and they will never forget you!

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