hungry guest

3 Things you should do before placing a catering order!

hungry guest

It would be great to have a party where none of the food is wasted (or on the flip side, have plenty for everyone) so that there would be less mess to clean up or that none of the guests would still be hungry.  Unfortunately, that only exists in a perfect world, and reality is far from perfect. Before you place a catering order you should do these 3 things to ensure that you have enough food for everyone.

Interview Your Guests about the Foods They Like (And Don’t Like)

Before you begin ordering, gather your guests and ask them what they like and don’t like to eat.  (For guests too young to speak for themselves, you can ask their parents or other guardians.)  This is one the easiest ways to know that food won’t be wasted.  After all, those who are biased toward a certain food would make sure that every bit of that food is gone from their plates.

Estimate by Appetite

All people eat different amounts of food.  Some can eat as much as two pounds of food while others eat only half a pound.  Sometimes food that is left over would be too much for guests to take home.  In addition to asking what they like, you should also ask how much they can eat.  Can one person eat as much as two people?  Does another person possess a smaller appetite?

What if Asking Isn’t Possible?

In a worst case scenario, it may not be feasible to interview your guests.  Perhaps they are at work, in school, or are ill.  Don’t let that discourage you.  As a last resort, make a guess by overestimating by 10%.  If you are inviting 200 people, order enough for 220.  It’s not a perfect method, but it’s better than having hungry guests. And if you do happen to have leftover food you can always ask your guests to take some with them or donate it to your local homeless shelter.

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